Ode to a Stickman

The Stickman, they say, is: “No work of art.”

In fact, he’s considered: “Barely a start.”

Anyone can draw a circle and a couple of lines,

“Yes, but I can’t draw or do ‘real’ art,” everyone whines.

Yet, we use that Ol’ Stickman and draw it with ease,

To illustrate ideas never claiming expertise,

Without fear of judgement or being too critical,

Because, “It’s not really drawing, don’t be so analytical.”

But, when it comes to drawing, we often forget,

That no matter where we start, there is no need to fret,

For with each line placed on a page,

A drawing is created, stage by stage.

Drawing is easy, a whole made up by each part,

So, consider each mark made an amazing a start,

And next time before you say: “I can’t draw or do art!”’

Remember the Stickman that lives in your heart.

-Geraldine Bothma

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