Achievement Tree

If you feel like you lost your momentum in 2020…

if you feel directionless…
or unsure what you want or how to get to it…

…then this is the perfect 5-day art challenge for you.

In this five day challenge we:

  • Complete 1 easy drawing challenge (which you can complete even if the only thing you have ever drawn is a line using a ruler!)
  • Discuss your conscious and subconscious and how they influence your motivation and momentum.
  • We discuss different aspects of daily life and how to balance you time, energy and focus between them.
  • We speak about symbolism and how your mind uses this daily.
  • We discuss different ways to set goals and the mindset you need to make them a reality.
  • We give you tools, tips and techniques to incorporate your achievement tree into daily life to make you unstoppable.
  • We help you increase your focus, motivation and the amount of happiness you experience daily.

Our Achievement Tree Challenge is a great place to start if you are new to Transformation Coaching and Art. The merger of Transformation (Life) Coaching and art/craft and design helps you to learn life changing techniques in a fun rewarding way. Your end result will be a work of art with a purpose that you can use daily.

This is what you get in this 5-day challenge:

    *Step-by-step project instructions on how to plan and create your
     Achievement Tree (in video and written format).                                                                        $37

    *A video each day with a Transformation (Life) Coaching topic.                                                   $99
    *Instructions on how to implement what you have learnt in your daily routine                                 $19
    *Worksheets to help you plan and use your tree.                                                                          $29
    *Templates for your project.                                                                                                       $37
    *Positive habit creation coaching and a daily progress bar.                                                           $37
TOTAL VALUE:                                                                                                                                                                                                    $258


To claim your discount, click the link above. (Remember, the price is going up on 27 January 2021). We are looking forward to meeting you!