Art Class for Adults

We have some great news for you, YOU CAN.
Want some even better news?
You are in the right place, right now to get started. Even if all you have ever drawn is a stickman…
Here is the scoop on what we do in this online course and during the live sessions to help you increase your creativity and your artistic skills:


No more “missing out” because you were sick, had a function, there was a power outage or you had to do something with the family. Recorded lessons mean that the content is available to you when you have time. You can also rewind it if you missed something or “just want to make sure you got it”! The weekly content that you unlock is also always available if you want to re-watch it. Recorded lessons remove travel time and the chance that you forgot something you needed for the lesson at home!

  • Fits into your schedule
  • Replays available
  • No Travel Time
  • No forgotten stationary


Have you ever taken an online course and just wanted to check you were on the right track? Or had a question that you just couldn’t find the answer to? Or even worse, you have a question in a live class but don’t ask it because you don’t want to feel stupid? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. You receive a weekly live Q&A session which features:

  • The weeks content Q&A
  • A practical skills Q&A
  • A “4 week project” Q&A

You can pre-submit your questions for the session. You will also get the opportunity to meet your class and fellow creatives in these sessions. These sessions are recorded, so if you miss the live session, you can simply watch it later. Even if you are not present in the live session your questions will be answered if they have been pre-submitted.

  • Your opportunity to ask questions and get feedback
  • Meet your creative community
  • Q&A replay available if you miss it
  • Easy to submit question form
  • Questions answered even if you are not in the live Q&A


Have you ever taken art lesson and felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of information and what you are expected to do? Or, watched your instructor and thought: “Well, I’m glad you can do that, but I sure can’t!” The good news is that this is not going to happen in our classes. We have focused content (only what you need to know when you need to know it) to get you the best results. Our aim is to make our lessons interesting and fun with quick wins and skills you can transfer to other mediums and aspects of your life. We want to motivate and inspire you to achieve more than you even believed was possible. Our lessons also follow on from one-another so that you keep improving your skills and so that you can measure your progress.

  • Short, focused content- no overwhelm
  • Fun, interesting and inspiring content
  • Structured follow-on lessons
  • Measurable skill progress


Imagine that you could produce an artwork every 4 weeks… well you can- we will help you do it. The “4 Week Project” is delivered in 4 sets of step-by-step lessons that help you brainstorm, plan, create and complete that month’s artwork. The best part is that you can put your own creative spin on it (…it’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’, ‘copy-the-teacher’, ‘paint-by-numbers’ type of thing!) The four classes are also structured to help you manage your time with the project (because we know life is busy) so that you do not end up with unfinished projects, or feel demotivated trying to complete the same thing over 6 months.

  • A new project every month
  • Customisable to increase your creativity
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • We help you manage your time


Our projects are done in multiple mediums. This is to stop you from getting bored. This also helps you get out of your comfort zone by trying something new. Don’t worry, we are not going to break the bank and ask you to get a new set of paints every month (just so you can try them once and then watch them dry out…). We have developed the ‘stationary memo’- which you will receive the month before- so that you can prepare what you need for the next month. If for some reason you cannot get hold of the materials, you can definitely still participate in your comfort zone materials (and we also list alternatives in the memo!)

  • Multiple mediums for transferable skills
  • Cost-effective planning
  • Alternative project solutions provided


We know how important practicing what you have learnt before you work on a big project is. So, we developed worksheets, notes and quick exercises to help you build your confidence and re-enforce what you learnt before you tackle your big projects. These help you to get the best possible results. These also act as a quick reference and inspiration guide you can refer to during any projects you tackle.

  • Creates confidence for “4 Week Project”
  • Re-enforces learnt skills and concepts
  • Creates a quick reference and inspiration guide
  • Helps you get the best results


Wouldn’t it be great to attend a year end function where you can pat yourself on the back and see what your fellow creatives also did all year? We think so, your completion of monthly “4 Week Projects” gains you access to this fun event.


We love to keep you motivated and inspired. Our monthly subscribers get to participate in challenges and competitions for growth, glory and fantastic prizes.

Wow, this sounds great….

BUT what does it cost…

(Well, actually less than you think when you buy before 30 January 2021- Why? Because we know the new year is expensive and that 2020 was…well 2020!)

So quick, Let’s sum up what you get:


4x interesting theory, history and current trends lessons       $49 x4 = $196
4x practical skills lessons                                                  $49 x4 = $196
4x practical skills re-enforcement worksheets                        $7 x4 = $28
1x “4 Week Project” brief                                                   $49 x1 = $49
4x “4 Week Project” lessons                                               $49 x4 = $196
4x live Q&A sessions                                                        $49 x4 = $196
4x Q&A recordings                                                          $37 x4 = $148

Total value: $1,009 per month

You Only Pay $99 per month



A project requirements (stationary) memo

The ‘Transform With Art’ newsletter

Access to participate in monthly competitions and challenges

Access to the end of the year function

To claim your +90 % off discount, click the link above. (Remember, the price is going up on 30 January 2021). We are looking forward to meeting you!