Art Inspired “Lighties”!

Art & Wellness Class For Children (Grade 5-7)

Give your child the creative experience they need and want !

Art and Wellness Class For Children (Grade 5-7)
Your Child MUST learn Art!
Your child is not getting to experience the innovation, creative thinking or freedom of expression that art allows while they are in Primary School. Art in Primary School is often a very light hearted, craft based creative time - that does not really achieve what it is supposed to as a subject. This is often due to short class times, overcrowded classes and a very restrictive syllabus.

Whilst Primary School art often produces children who love to paint and draw it often also produces children who hate it because they feel incapable. School also promotes comparison and competition with other learners – especially when work is given a grade or your work is not good enough to go up at an exhibition.

Many of the projects done in school require colouring in, copying and tracing. These do not teach your child anything valuable - they are done so that the whole classes result is similar and presentable. This takes the fun of innovative and freedom of expression away from your child. It often also creates an incorrect perception between parents and learners that art is an insignificant, pointless subject.

Often very few methods and techniques are taught to your child and even less time is spent on theory. Art in Primary school often does not teach any design related topics or theory either – this is a failure in the schooling system in a world where everything has become design orientated. Art in Primary School also does not have any focus on inner well-being or a wider understanding of the world and society.

You may have already noticed a lot of what has just been mentioned above in the work brought home from school by your child. Or a change in their attitude towards doing anything creative. Maybe you have even tried to encourage your child by buying kits for them to make things or books or creative phone apps. Your child usually attempts some of these amazing market products but they often lack meaning or are even frustrating for your child and are never completed.

Art is actually a VITAL subject for your child to be involved in. Art teaches: creative thinking, hand-eye co-ordination, planning, dedication, logic, scientific and architectural principles, spacial awareness, self-expression, self-reflection, passion, visualisation, communication of ideas, presentation, proportion, innovation, artistic skills, social awareness, decision making, appreciation, harmony, the small and the big picture, inner joy and so much more.

AND YOUR CHILD IS CAPABLE OF ALL OF THESE AND MORE regardless of what their report card says about their creative capabilities.

Inner Inspiration Transformation Through Art’s: “Art Inspired Lighties!” class includes all of the above mentioned vital teachings of art as well as Transformation (Life) Coaching techniques specifically tailored to learners in Grade 5-7. Your child will gain an extensive knowledge of art and design as well as benefit from Transformation Coaching techniques which they can apply to their daily lives.

The Inner Inspiration “Lighties” Classes Include:
• Instilling the love for exploration, innovation and creative expression.
• A syllabus and structured growth plan to match your child’s requirements.
• Visualisation and planning processes are practiced to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.
• Feedback rather than criticism.
• Individual attention as classes are small.
• Original lessons from an original syllabus not taught in school or anywhere else in the world. Which includes Art and Design theories, history and skills AS WELL AS Transformation (Life) Coaching Techniques.
• Lessons also include analysis, written conceptualisation, decision making, innovation planning processes.
• Drawing and painting skills development (primarily) as well as development in other artistic fields in various media (paint, pencil, ink, clay, etc.)
• Development of hand eye co-ordination and motor skills development.
• A break from technology - No cell phones or tablets in this class!! (Technology is sometimes used as part of the teaching process though!)
• Transformation (Life) Coaching techniques are used in all classes for holistic development purposes. (Therefore, the emphasis is on developing creative skills while creating inner well-being.)
• A portfolio of work is created for your child.
• And Above all: FUN!

Class Information:
• Date and time: Tuesday 3pm- 4pm (1 Hour)
• Age group: Grades 5-7 ONLY.
• Materials: Supplied in class, included in price.
• Cost: R880 per month (4 sessions at R220 per session). Bookings must be done monthly as there is limited space available.

This class is for all children of all skill ranges who love art and want to learn more about it, more about themselves and about the society and world they are a part of. Investing in skill-based learning for you child is never a waste of money. Innovation, Inspiration, creativity and visual thinking are skills that are invaluable to the growth and development of your child. All you have to do is fill in the form below: