Catch Your Dreams

Are feeling a little directionless, unfocused and demotivated?
Do you often get side-tracked, or end up on a path that seems to be leading you away from what you desire most?
Or even worse, do you have a big goal in mind but you do not know how to get to it?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions- that’s okay! You are in the right place, right now, for the solution to your problem.
What you are lacking is a life’s vision that is so powerful that it cannot be side-tracked, put on hold or negotiated down. Fortunately, we know how to help you create one. We will also help you create an action plan to help you move towards your vision with our amazing course:

Catch Your Dreams

Catch Your Dreams is an in-depth short course designed to help you create and move towards your life’s vision. This course is a merger of Transformation Coaching Techniques and Art and Design.

In this 4-week course we will:

  • Discuss in-depth goal setting and techniques that get you the best results.
  • Create a written life’s vision.
  • Create a dreamcatcher vision board.
  • Discuss and implement a visualisation process.
  • Understand and use symbolism.
  • Create a plan for balance and moving forward towards your vision.
  • Discuss the conscious and subconscious mind, comfort zones and mindset.
  • Help you Implement and use your completed project in your daily routine.

Our Achievement Tree Challenge is a great place to start if you are new to Transformation Coaching and Art. The merger of Transformation (Life) Coaching and art/craft and design helps you to learn life changing techniques in a fun rewarding way. Your end result will be a work of art with a purpose that you can use daily.

Here is what you get inside your 4-week course:

    *Quick, focused Transformation Life Coaching videos designed to help 
     you transform your life in small manageable steps                                                                     $399

    *Dreamcatcher instruction videos                                                                                               $79
    *Goal setting in-depth workshop                                                                                                $199
    *Worksheets to help you plan and use your tree.                                                                          $199
    *Life’s Vision writing workshop                                                                                                   $99
    *Alternative project ideas and templates.                                                                                    $79
    *4 Weekly Live Q&A sessions                                                                                                     $288
    *Worksheets, workbooks and template                                                                                        $79
    *Action Plan and daily routine implementation programme                                                           $99
TOTAL VALUE:                                                                                                                                                                                                    $1520


That’s more than 90 percent off!

Why the big discount? Well, this discount is only valid until the 25th of January 2021. Then the price goes up to its 2021 yearly rate. We know that 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, worldwide and we want to help people – like you – begin 2021 with a positive vision for the future in mind.