Through Art

A creative self improvement class. that uses Art and Imagination as a medium to teach

Why pay for a class when I have YouTube or the Internet?

As I am sure you have discovered, a lot are just previews to courses you need to buy, are incomplete, don’t tell you which products they use, and should you encounter a problem who do you contact? And what happens when the self-motivation wears off or you run out of time… everything gets packed into a box! Sound familiar?

There are multiple reasons why doing wellness programmes and starting arts and crafts projects on your own often leads to dissatisfaction and then we give up.

Here are a few common reasons:

  • You get disappointed, because you are not getting the life experience from following a book or video.
  • You get frustrated because of incomplete instruction.
  • You can’t wait to start a project, but It takes so long to do yourself, you lose interest.
  • Messy work stations that need to be packed away.

If any of the above applies to you, we have the perfect solution…





Through Art!

"This innovative class merges Transformation (Life) Coaching Theories and Techniques with Art, Design and Craft resulting in the production of inspired art and a transformed life."

-Geraldine Bothma (Manager)

Benefits of Transformation Through Art Classes :

Life Coaching Techniques

Create inspired art, crafts and designs from an original syllabus created to teach art and craft-based skills AS WELL AS Transformation (Life) Coaching Techniques.

Materials Supplied

All materials and any additional preparation for the project are set up for you. You just walk in and enjoy the experience. Upon completion of the class, all the clean up is done for you.

Finished Results

All classes are time tested so that the project can be completed before you leave (no box of unfinished projects).


Every class has a presentation or a story that forms part of the class. The classes are about enjoying the journey of creation.

Individual Attention

Classes are small so each person attending receives individual attention.

Be Original

Each project is completely customisable and allows for your own imagination and innovation to make it your own.